Xueru Tang: Keep Learning

As 2020 comes to a close, we reflect on the past year and all that it has brought us. While some things stayed the same, much has changed. For Xueru, her producing career has been put on hold while many projects are canceled or paused due to the pandemic. However, Xueru has taken full advantage of this unique time and has done things she never had time to do before. 

Xueru was supposed to film a big commercial in June of 2020, but it has been paused. Her new task is to be patient, keep communicating with the client, and comfort her crew. All the while, she has learned a new language, learned how to use new producing equipment and technology, and has taken online courses in business, marketing, and producing. Xueru has prioritized thinking about her life goals and what she should learn to improve her career, as well as spending more time with her loved ones and pets. 

Although her lifestyle has changed, her perspective and values have stayed the same. Xueru says that even before the pandemic, safety and health were always a priority to her. 

When COVID-19 first became prevalent in March, Xueru thought it would be temporary like most of us did. However, as the pandemic continued to persist, Xueru realized that it was not short term, and that she would have to find a way to work with the changing conditions instead of waiting for it to be over. She started learning about virtual production, and created short video content. Xueru also worked with writers in creating a new script. 

Xueru’s advice to female filmmakers like herself is, “to be scheduled and planned.” She says at the beginning of the pandemic, she didn’t do much other than just chilling. But as time went on, she realized she couldn’t let herself continue to do nothing, so she started making a schedule for herself. Xueru says she added “yoga time, treat time, hiking time, and study time, to make my day full and positive.” 

There is always more to learn as a female filmmaker. As we head into a new year with continuing uncertainty as to what the future holds, let us continue to take full advantage of whatever time lies ahead, and continue to learn. 

As Xueru says, “Learning [is] always good.” 

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