What is color grading?

Founded in Los Angeles by award-winning colorist, Roy Sun, Reason Studio is a leading provider of color grading and delivery service for motion picture, television, VOD, commercial, music video, and fashion content. 

Check out their work below:

Roy, wanted to explain what color grading is and how it serves the story. And so we teamed up to create this educational video:

Executive Producer @xinema.shen

Actor #BaileyCoppola

Director @mrtimh

DP @chrispilarski

Colorist @coloristroy

Composer @cecewen_music

Sound Design @lerfilm

VO @damien_slash

Produced by @reasonstudio.co & @foxforce.media

Location and Special Thanks to our friends @hungrypandainc, @phylm_studios, @blueskylosangeles


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