FOXFORCE Creates Original Comedy Music!

With hot singles such as “Me Too” & “Panty Droppin’ Lines”

FOXFORCE is a brand new Los Angeles based multi-media production company that focuses on fun female entertainment. Which in today’s world, finding good women entertainment is painful. 

You’re either stuck with bridezilla or listening to a nonsense gossip show that perpetuates the negative stereotypes of women. FOXFORCE proposes that we just solve this problem together. Shall we? We’re asking ourselves, why the hell not?

Introducing FOXFORCE. The first female owned and operated kick-ass collaborative production network. Not only does it offer original programming but we also help generate paid creative work for women. This is a new network with a female point of view so strong that it will kick you right in the nuts! 

This ridiculousness stars comedian sensation, Steph Barkley as the fabulous and funny host and main competitor against actors Julin Jean, Becki Dennis, and Janae Williams in a battle of feminist wit hip-hop style.

Feminism is just as confusing as it is often described. FOXFORCE feels in order to obtain true equality for women, they need to not only celebrate our men, but also threaten to take all their money at the same time.  This is what has been happening to women since forever, and now the tables are not only being turned, but remixed and catchy as hell. 

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