Becki Dennis: People Want to Hear Your Voice

American Actress Jena Malone said, “If we could all just laugh at ourselves in hard times or good times, it would be an incredible world.” For actress Becki Dennis, the pandemic has been a time to further find her voice as an actress and writer and slow down to enjoy the important things like family and improving her own health. 

“I’ve always had ideas for sketches, but didn’t take the time to write and shoot them until recently,” says Becki.  Her inspiration came from a request to audition for Saturday Night Live (SNL) in June. “I decided to go all out and write and shoot the types of things that you might see on SNL At Home Edition.”

While she didn’t get the offer to be a cast member of SNL from her sketches, “I’m glad that people could relate to my sketches, and that they made them laugh and lifted them up, because we need more of that right now.”

For many people, the pandemic has caused them to slow down or take a different route with their careers. For those who are pursuing acting, it can seem like a major upset not being able to be on set. However, as a result of being home, Becki has been able to spend more time learning, writing, creating sketches, and envisioning her future in the industry. 

For those interested in pursuing actions that might feel discouraged, Becki says there are several options to improve your skills from home. “Take an online acting class. Participate in, or organize, a Zoom reading of a script,” says Becki. “Watch the best films and TV shows, and study the actor’s performances. Listen to one of the many industries Q & A’s happening online. Study writing, directing, filmmaking, etc., so you can be more well-rounded.”

Similar to many, Becki had a hard time at the beginning of the pandemic. “My fear of contracting Covid and dying, or someone close to me getting sick, was making me so anxious and fearful,” says Becki. In order to combat these fears, Becki has since learned to be cautious yet not obsessive. 

She began taking small, measured risks for her own mental health, “Meeting with friends in a park or on my patio at a distance, have made all the difference,” says Becki. “Also, knowing that it’s less risky outside and when wearing a mask, makes me feel more at ease with going for a bike ride or a hike.”

“I know it might seem like the industry and the world may never bounce back from this, but we have endured similar or worse things as humans throughout history, and we will get through this,” says Becki.

“People need artists more now than ever,” Becki says. “And in particular, women’s voices are needed and wanted right now. Find your voice. People want to hear it.”

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